HICTOP E3D Volcano Heater Block Silicone Socks Silicone Cover fits for Artillery SW-X1 and Other Similar 3D Printers Pack of 3


  • 1.Compatible with Artillery SW-X1 and other E3D volcano heat block 3D printers.
  • 2.The E3D volcano silicone socks keep your hotend clean and neat.
  • 3.This silicone sock speeds up the heating of the heat block and keeps the temperature stable while printing.
  • 4.It prevents sticky filaments from sticking on the hotend and extends the life of the hotend
  • 5.It perfectly fits the E3D volcano hotend and easy to install.

Size of the silicone cover: 25mm x 18.5mm x 14mm (.99in x .73in x .54in)
Material: High temperature resistance silicone
Color: Blue
Package Include:
3 x Silicone Socks for E3D Volcano Heater Block
Please allow some color difference because of different display.

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