Nozzle, Throat, Heat block and Teflon Kits for Titan extruder for D3 hero



1. it is a replacement for Titan extruder on D3 hero

2. A special glue gets the nozzle, throat, and heat block together to prevent the filament from leaking.

3. There are 2 kinds optional:

the "normal temperature"  is for material no more than 240-degree centigrade. (Buy this one if you do not need to print special material), if you print PLA please choose this one.

the "higher temperature"  is for you to modify it to print higher temperature materials which are 240-300 degrees centigrade(please turn off the turbofan if you print high-temperature filament and this one is not suitable to print low temperature filament like PLA), if you print ABS/PETG/PC/HIPS/POM please choose this one.

4. 2 pieces each in one package


Package included:  2 pieces Nozzle, Throat, Heat block and Teflon kits for titan extruder on D3 hero

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